Adventures In Rhymargg Session 4, Into The Felkwood Part 2

  Our adventurers were on their way to deliver 50 platinum pieces to the family of a deceased man-at-arms, and the trip through the murky Felkwood was taking longer than anticipated.  While debating on whether to camp for the evening or push on, a campfire was noticed in the distance, deeper in the woods and off the main path.  Tirra and Indel, the party's thieves, scouted ahead, with Valerius the fighter and Dorin the dwarf as close back-up in case they got into trouble.

  What they found was a group of ten goblins, laughing and joking around a fire while a human leg was roasting on a spit above the flames.  The man who's leg was dinner was slumped against a tree, apparently dead.  Slinking back to the party, the group decided that the goblins were a threat that had to be dealt with.  Splitting into two groups, the party attacked from both sides with a pincer manoeuver.   While surprise was achieved, the dice were against the adventurers, as almost everyone missed their first attack.

  The melee was short but furious, with several members injured before the goblins were dispatched.  The poor victim, an elderly gentlemen, was still alive, barely.  He managed to get out that his grand daughter had been taken by more of the goblins, pointint towards the path they had taken, and then breathed his last.  Turns out he was somehow related to Norgard, probably his father, and the grand daughter was likely Norgard's daughter.  Since they were on the way to deliver the platinum to these very people, the party sprung to action.

  Taking the path indicated, they journeyed as fast as possible, until coming into a clearing with a large bonfire.  The numerous female goblins and children scattered when the party burst onto the scene.  The clearing was bordered on the far side from the party by a low, rocky cliff about 50 feet high.  There were four small cave entrances at ground level, while a ledge up the face of the cliff led to a much larger entrance, flanked by two goblin guards.

  Deciding that the small caves were of no consequence, up the ledge our adventurers sped, as the two guards ducked quickly into the opening.  Ready for just about anything (they think), the party charged towards the mouth of the cave.

More to come...


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