My Dice

  I miss my old dice.  Like the picture above, they were light blue, except my d4, which was orange, and my d12, which was the really dark blue as seen in the right pack.  For years I left the numbers uncolored, having forgot that they came with a crayon.  Later I decided it was too hard to read the numerals, so the light blue dice were colored with a white crayon, while my d4 and d12 received a dark red treatment, which was rather stunning on the d12, IMHO.

  While I had both the 1981 Basic and Expert sets, I don't recall what happened to one of the sets of dice, as it seems they were lost shortly afterwords.  I never did replace those dice, even when the WAY COOL crystal sets started to come out.  While the edges were battered and worn, and the d20's roll time could be almost measured in minutes, they were my dice of choice.

  They were lost in 2003, along with almost everything else I owned, due to a fire.  I've replaced most of the things that can be replaced, but my dice are gone forever.  I still keep searching eBay every now and then, but I've never run across a set colored like mine were.  Maybe one day.


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