Old School Renaissance Acronym Glossary & Dictionary, Part 2


  C&C - Castles and Crusades.

  Castles & Crusades - A rules-lite RPG based on the SIEGE engine system, which uses many of the systems from 3E D&D.

  Classic D&D - Can mean Basic D&D, or Basic D&D and 0E.


  D20STL - d20 System Trademark License, a license from Wizards of the Coast allowing third-party vendors to use certain trademarks and logos.  Revoked by Wizards of the Coast in 2008 and replaced with the GSL (Game System License).

  D20 System - The basic game mechanics that underlie 3.X D&D.

  Dark Dungeons - A retro-clone of Rules Cyclopedia D&D.

  Dark Fate RPG - A low-fantasy horror RPG based on the reto-clone Swords & Wizardy.

  DCC RPG - Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG,  an upcoming RPG that is not a retro-clone, more a reimagining of D&D if it was created with access to the OGL back in 1974. 

  DMG - Dungeon Masters Guide

  Dungeonslayers - A rules-lite RPG that is free and released under a Creative Commons License.


  Endgame - The point in D&D where the characters retire from adventuring to build castles and strongholds, engaging in diplomacy and war while running their "kingdom", be it a keep on the borderlands, a wizard's tower, or a new thief's guild in town.


  FLGS - Friendly Local Game Store, a dying breed of retailer.

  FNGS - Friendly Neighborhood Game Store, not as commonly used as FLGS.


  GSL - Game System License, successor to the D20STL and OGL.  Much more restrictive than it's predecessors.


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