Tournament Of Dragons

  It's often debated which of the 359 covers of Dragon magazine was the best.  Everyone has their own choice, based on the art, or the emotions and memories it evokes.  Let's find out which cover the collective old school blogosphere thinks is the best. (if you're not in the O.S.B., who cares, vote anyways!)

  Today I'm announcing the TOURNAMENT OF DRAGONS, a knock-down fight among all 359 covers for the title of Blogosphere's Favorite.  I'm throwing in issue #360 so it's an even starting number, and it should have been an awesome piece of art to start of the next age of Dragon, though I don't think it was such a grand effort.  Here's how things will work...

  Every week day I'll post two randomly chosen covers, and you vote in the sidebar poll for that day which you like best.  The poll will be open for one week, so everyone has plenty of time to decide.  The winners will be announced the next corresponding weekday, along with two more covers to battle it out.  The 360 issues will be broken down into groups of 40, making for nine groups total.  Each group of 40 will go through eliminations, first to 20, then 10, then 5 finalists.  To mix things up a little, I'll add a wild card to the final group of 5 finalists.

  That gives a total of 54 finalists, which will then go to 27, plus another wild card, then to 14, then 7 plus 1 wild card.  The last 8 will be compared all at once, and It will be a two week poll, then we declare the final winner!

  Why do this, you ask?  That's a good question.  There are several answers.
  • I think it will be fun to see who wins
  • It's something different in the old school blogosphere
  • Something for people to look forward to on a daily basis
  • To drive traffic to my site, of course
  I'm going to kick things off early with our first match, Issue #350 versus Issue #14! I have my favorite, which is yours?  Click the pics to embiggen.  Vote in the poll marked Monday ToD.

Dragon #350
Dragon #14


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