The Calling

 She sits silently, waiting. The wind gently caresses her body, but it carries with it a chill. Change is coming, whispers the breeze, and so she prepares. Without a sound she reaches out, feeling for the one who will be next. She knows not his name, nor even what he looks like, but relentlessly she searches. She will find him.

 He feels the call, first as a tingle, a tickle in the ribs. The feeling is subtle, barely noticeable over everyday emotions, yet unmistakable. He's felt it before, but until recently was not able to recognize what it truly was. The pieces came together like some mystical jigsaw puzzle, and he could feel her looking for him. She was calling, and he had to answer.

 Carefully she guided him, revealing the path bit by bit. The process was deliberate, seemingly at a snail's pace, yet inexorable. It took seven days before he saw her, an ensemble of ones and zeroes, a digital representation of her physical form. Seven more days would pass before he was confident she was the one, her voice becoming more distinct with each passing day.

  Fifteen years she had waited, watched, wondered where her path would lead. Now she knew. And she smiled.

 For the last two weeks I have know that a car was coming my way, and tonight it happened. A 1989 Toyota Corolla SR5, and she's mine. Sleek, sexy, a vision in black. I can't wait to pick her up!


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