More Minis

 I like small cars. Geo Metro's, Ford Festiva's, Subaru Justy's, there's just something about a minimalist auto. Although they need better engines, something with a little more oomph, upgrade their suspensions and wheels and you have your own little pocket rocket. Speed is a relative thing, and taking a Festiva around a corne at the limits of the tire's grip is just pure entertainment. You don't need the most powerful car out there to have some fun, and less is more when it comes to handling.

 That's probably the reason I like the Mini so much. It has a good engine, great handling, and from all accounts a blast to drive. It's been very popular, and hopefully indicates a trend in the American market towards more fun cars. I've had enough of SUV's, but I don't hate 'em cause they get poor mileage. they're just too big, get in the way, and handle like a beached whale.

 There is another small car out there that I wish was available here in the U.S. It's the Ford Ka.

 Of course, to be a success, it would need to be marketed like the Mini, meaning dealers would have to treat perspective owners differently than their regular buyers. If the whole experience isn't fun, and they don't realize the customer is there to buy a small car because they want one, not because it's all they can afford, it just won't happen, and I seriously doubt most Ford dealers are capable of making that happen. It's nice to dream though.


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