Caveat Emptor

 Sadly, it seems, it will always be buyer beware in the automotive repair world. Yesterday I tool the Corolla to see what was needed to get the exhaust repaired. She needs a new downpipe and muffler, nothing special, and something that shouldn't be too expensive.

 The tech didn't speak much english, but he showed what needed to be replaced. He tried to get the boss to take a look at what needed to be replaced, but he ignored him as he checked to see if he had some parts in stock. I found out s0on just what he was looking for. He went into his office and typed up my work order. The grand total was $626.02!

 This was, of course, because he thought I was stupid enough to take him at his word. You see, I didn't have a catalytic converter, and that was a required part. That was the part he was checking for, since it is the most expensive piece of the exhaust system. Instead of just a down pipe and muffler, I was supposed to believe I needed everything from the downpipe back replaced.

 Thinking about it now, exhaust systems are probably the perfect way to test the integrity of whomever you are contemplating servicing your vehicle. Get yourself a screwdriver and flashlight. If something's rusted through, it needs to be replaced. If it looks suspect, tap it with the screw driver. If you create a hole, that needs replaced too. Then go see your mechanic and see what he thinks needs fixing. You might be suprised.


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