Corolla Report

 My new Corolla is, by no means, perfect. It needs exhaust work, something I knew beforehand, but there's a few details the previous owner left out. The car has been repainted, and while decent, it's not great. Apparently instead of sanding down the old paint, it was just painted over. There is no radio, like the eBay ad said, but it didn't mention that they had to break the plastic bezel around the radio. The cupholder, cigarette lighter and ashtray, and storage bin have all been removed, and while I have the parts, the bezel itself will have to be replaced. "It has a crack in the dash" somehow equates to four cracks in the dash, so I'll be investing in a dash cover soon.

 That's all the bad stuff, but I think her good points outweigh the bad points. She's a Toyota, for one, so dependability shouldn't be aproblem. She drives nice, handles well, and looks good doing it. With a little time, effort, and money, she should be just about perfect!


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