Karma's A Bitch

 Last year my best friend Bobby was purchasing a 1987 BMW 3-series coupe in excellent condition. The lady that was selling it lives in the same apartment complex, and wanted $700.00, and in two weeks Bobby would have had the money. She agreed to let Bobby buy the car, and went ahead and let him drive it while he came up with the dough. That lasted a week.

 In that week Bobby fully deytailed that BMW, and replaced the power window switches that had gone bad. The car looked brand new. Bobby had poured his heart and soul into that beemer, and it showed, which turned out to be a bad thing. The owner noticed how much better the car looked, and decided to sell it to someone else. She came over and took the keys, and sold it the next day. Bobby was crushed. We're not sure how much she got for it, but it was enough for her to buy a later model 3-series for $3,000.

 Skip ahead to now, and she's got a for sale sign up in her BMW, $3,200 firm. The reason it's for sale is that there's a problem with the engine, and no one's been able to correct it. So, now she wants more than she paid for a car that has a known problem that will prpbably cost a bundle to get fixed. We've let the people in the apartments around us know there's a problem with that beemer, and just how much she originally paid for it. As a public service, mind you.


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