Luck O' The Irish

 Tuesday I went to secure a duplicate title for my Kawasaki Zephyr. After eleven years the original title had gone missing, hence the replacement. Normally you go in, they take your Drivers License and VIN, and five dollars and five seconds later you have a crisp new title. Problem was I hadn't registered the bike since '96, when she stopped running. Apparently they had just received instructions that titles not in the computer would have to be retrieved by another department, and then mailed out, a process taking two weeks. She looked at my license and asked if I had come all the way from Columbia (45 minutes south of Nashville).

 I hadn't, but since the address on license hasn't been updated with my new one, I said I had. She got on the phone to her supervisor, talked for a minute, ended the conversation with "So you never told me about the new memo until I'm done with this title.", and told me she would be right back. After all these years, being friendly to the people at the DMV had finally paid off! The DMV was doing a favor for me.

 She came back in about ten minutes with a photocopy of my registration form from '94, when I first registered the bike in Tennessee, a big grin on her face. She pointed to the signature at the bottom. Eight years ago she worked at another office, and was the one who processed my title transfer from Ohio!

 When I moved here, I had just made the final payment on my bike loan, so my new Tennessee title was the first one that had me as the owner and not Phoenix National Bank. It's fitting that she was there when the bike truly becam mine, and now that I was selling the bike, she was there at the end.


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