Trampier's Treasure

  Stuffed in the back of the Monster Manual is one of my favorite works by David Trampier.  It's one of the rare cases where a full-page illustration was used, but as it appears next to the list of treasure types, the piece really conveys the feeling of overcoming adversity and the reward of lost treasure.  The protagonists are not Elmore heroic types, being rather mundane, everyday looking fellows, and you can tell that guy on the left is feeling he just won the lottery.  It may not be today's definition of a worthwhile RPG goal, but who could resist the lure of fabulous treasure and the opportunity to live a life of luxury. Thank God old school D&D is a product from the time before political correctness became intrusively pervasive, else the game may have been something totally different.

 Orcs have feelings too, you know, and maybe your adventurer should take some court-ordered sensitivity training.

Yeah, that'll be the day!


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